#TuneInJune – Your FREE 4 Week Mid Year Life Checkup

Week 1 Expert 1: Claudia Lisle-Worner

Qualified nutritionist (adv dip nutritional medicine) and owner of Nutrition Reset, living in Goolwa, South Australia. Private clinic and collaboration with other health practitioners.

I am passionate about teaching people how even the smallest changes in diet and lifestyle can make a big difference to their physical and mental health. My goals include inspiring people to reclaim their health by making better food choices that are practical, sustainable,
and fit into their lifestyle.

To find out more and get in touch with Claudia go to https://www.facebook.com/claudianutritionreset


Week 1 Expert 2: Elle Crawford Marsden

Elle is a wife, mother and Omi who is also building two businesses on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. Elle’s life so far has had significant challenges mixed with great joys but all the way through, Elle has had an entrepreneurial spirit.

She founded a boutique gym which she operated for 10 years incorporating among other things, her passion, Pilates. She is now teaching Pilates in Goolwa and surrounds through her business PIlates5214.

In partnership with her husband Nick, Elle is also building a business called Brand Fleurieu which is focussed on connecting Fleurieu based businesses with the goal of helping them grow and prosper while also promoting the region as a whole. Nick describes Elle as a coffee hunting, pelican loving, sudoku solving, bubble drinking Boomerbabe who loves helping her family, friends and her community.

To find out more & get in touch go to https://www.facebook.com/Pilates5214/


Jaynie checking in ..


Today we’re talking about mental health ..


“So what do you do?”


This week’s topic is your work – your career, your business, your professional aspirations and what might get in the way of you playing full out in that area of your life.


Week 2 – Expert 1: Anke Herrmann

Anke is a business coach and mentor for creatives and other free spirits with a big idea who want to turn their passion into a business.

Her entrepreneurial journey started in 2004 when she decided to quit her corporate software developer job, move to Spain and start her own sewing business.

She soon found that building a business was more about personal development than business tools, systems or strategies. And she saw that it’s a creative process, not a straight line from A to B. She now helps her clients embrace that creative process and carve out their own path to build the business and life that allows them to do meaningful work without stress or overwhelm. To find out more and get in touch go to https://www.ankeherrmann.com/

Week 2 – Expert 2: Antoinette Hunter

Antoinette Hunter is no stranger to ‘reinventing yourself’.

Originally from Sydney, Australia Antoinette has always been focused on the path of ‘continual self reflection’ and ‘whats next?’ as she has moved through her life and career. Hugely successful both in the Photographic and Fashion industries, Antoinette is a highly qualified Business Development Trainer and with her passion for mentoring others to take that next step in life, joins us in #TuneInJune with some great tips and advice to help you achieve your future goals.

To get in touch with Antoinette click here: https://www.facebook.com/retailbootcamp

Week 2 – Expert 3: Catherine Maguire

In Week # 2 of your FREE #TuneInJune, we are focusing on ‘What do you do?’.

Our Expert Financial Planner is the fabulous Catherine Maguire. Catherine believes in helping her clients understand superannuation and not be overwhelmed by all the compliance requirements. She enjoys breaking down the jargon and allowing clients to be confident in dealing with their own wealth accumulation. Listen in as Catherine breaks down the barriers of our fears in setting ourselves for financial success. Learn the easy way to get excited about securing your Financial future!

To get in touch with Catherine go to





Week 2 – Day 6: Jaynie checking in ..


Looking back at week 2 and looking ahead at what’s to come in week 3 ..

Week 3 – It’s all about relationships

 .. with your partner, kids, family, colleagues, friends and most importantly with yourself.

This week we’ll have a closer look at what’s going on between you and the people around you and how you can give the important people in your life the attention they and you deserve.

Week 3 – Day 2: Parul Banka on the Power of Story

As we dive right into Week #3 of your FREE 4 week programme – #TuneInJune – check out this fabulous Expert Interview with Parul Banka.

Parul has had extensive corporate experience in people management as well as learning & development roles combined with her expertise in personal coaching, her insight for this weeks topic ‘Relationships’ is invaluable. Parul discusses our ‘stories’…what we tell ourselves and how we can ‘rewrite’ those stories along with some great advice on how to work with others. Join me as we work together to improve our relationships with ourselves and others.

To find out more about Parul and get in touch


Week 3 – Day 6: Jaynie checking in

As we bring Week #3 of your FREE #TuneInJune ‘life checkup’ program to a close, I recap where you are at in this week that has been all about ‘Relationships’.

Make sure you have reviewed your daily tasks and notes for this very important week and if you haven’t even started yet, it isn’t too late!

Week 4 – Day 1: Jaynie about what’s in store for you this week

Week #4 is a CELEBRATION week…we have extra #TuneInJuneExpert videos for you and we cover fun things like Vision Boarding (in a way that you may not have thought to do before), and learning the ‘Wonder Woman Pose’ for confidence PLUS Cosmic Carol shares fabulous insight and tips on a personal level so make sure you don’t miss that! PLUS of course..your Bonus Day and special gifts!


Week 4 – Day 2: Louise Creswick-Crow about the power of vision boards

Louise Creswick is a Certified and Qualifed NLP practitioner specialising in helping people with Grief and Loss however…this week she is sharing her tips and powerful action steps on how you can create your Vision Board to work for you!  Join Jaynie as she interviews Louise and remember to take great notes…using your #TuneInJune Week #4 FREE Workbook (download now)


Week 4 – Day 3: Rob Comer

As we come to the end of our 4 week FREE ‘midyear checkup’ programme – #TuneInJune – our Expert Interview today is with Wellbeing Coach, Rob Comer, who specialises in combining NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and Reiki helping his clients reach confidence with long lasting changes. Rob shares 4 very powerful yet simplistic techniques that with some practice, you can implement yourself to achieve the confidence and positive outlook in life you deserve. Join Jaynie as we head towards a fun and exciting ‘wrap up’ of #TuneInJune.

To get in touch with Rob go to  – “Becoming Your True Self”

Week 4 – Day 4: Carol Atkinson

As we wrap up #TuneInJune join Jaynie as she talks to Carol Atkinson, Cosmic Carol about creating space, the power of mindfulness (and how to get more of it in your life) and the importance of the mind-body connection for your wellbeing.

Week 4 – Day 6: Jaynie wrapping up .. and announcing the bonuses

As #TuneInJune is coming to an end we look back at the last 4 weeks and the insights gained and lessons learned, and we look forward at what’s ahead for fabulous boomerbabes.

Thank you for joining us for 4 weeks of #TuneInJune! Stay in touch on social media to hear about upcoming projects.

#TuneInJune - Never miss a thing

You know how a car eventually just won’t go if we don’t take it in for it’s regular car service? If we let the oil go unchecked, the motor and radiator unchecked, the tires unchecked….the car eventually say’s to us “I give up!”

That happens to us too, in every aspect of our lives and that is why right now is the time for our ‘mid year service’

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